BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSlackware Live Edition: version 1.3.2 Eric Hameleers10 days
dlackDLACK: improve first-boot experience. Eric Hameleers2 years
1.3.2liveslak-1.3.2.tar.gz  liveslak-1.3.2.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers10 days  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers3 months
1.3.1liveslak-1.3.1.tar.gz  liveslak-1.3.1.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers3 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers4 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers4 months
1.3.0liveslak-1.3.0.tar.gz  liveslak-1.3.0.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers8 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers10 months
1.2.0liveslak-1.2.0.tar.gz  liveslak-1.2.0.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers11 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers12 months  liveslak-   Eric Hameleers14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 daysSlackware Live Edition: version 1.3.2HEAD1.3.2master Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
10 daysPLASMA5: add realtime capabilities like Studioware has too Eric Hameleers1-1/+10
10 daysXFCE: file removals to bring ISO below CDROM size again Eric Hameleers1-11/+24
10 small cleanup Eric Hameleers1-1/+0
10 daysliveinit: correctly scan partitions and block devices Eric Hameleers1-7/+37
10 fix the "refresh" case Eric Hameleers1-1/+5
10 daysPLASMA5: removed -noto-cjk-font-ttf and calligra packages Eric Hameleers1-4/+5
10 daysPLASMA5: removed lumina, lxqt and libreoffice dicts Eric Hameleers1-81/+85
10 daysMultilib: several compat32 packages had been added the last couple months Eric Hameleers1-0/+5
10 daysDAW: add a package list containing Digital Audio Workstation stuff Eric Hameleers2-0/+55