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* Remove KDE4BASE and add DAW as a Live Variant. Eric Hameleers2020-02-201-8/+0
* Updated the package lists Eric Hameleers2017-06-301-1/+1
* PLASMA5: refresh the package set for KDE 5_17.03 Eric Hameleers2017-03-151-14/+0
* PLASMA5: updated the package lists and repository URL. Eric Hameleers2016-07-221-3/+0
* PLASMA5: refresh the package lists. Eric Hameleers2016-04-191-2/+0
* Updated package lists for non-Slackware and custom configurations. Eric Hameleers2015-12-241-1/+1
* Slackware Live Edition: initial commit.Beta2 Eric Hameleers2015-11-281-0/+27