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* New eliloconfig in Slackware 14.2 no longer needs our patch Eric Hameleers2018-06-301-25/+0
| | | | | The elilo package in Slackware 14.2's ./patches has our liveslak patch to eliloconfig already incorporated.
* Also remove the now unnecessary eliloconfig.patch for -current Eric Hameleers2017-05-102-26/+0
* eliloconfig patch needs to be made release-specific Eric Hameleers2017-05-093-25/+51
| | | | | The script started to diverge in -current, and the patch would no longer apply.
* (e)liloconfig need patching to make them work properly on Slackware Live. Eric Hameleers2016-11-162-0/+47
| | | | | | | | The cause is the use of hard-coded '/mnt' instead of using $T_PX variable. In Slackware's official installer, the computer's hard disk is always mounted at /mnt so that there is no apparent issue. Slackware Live's 'setup2hd' however, needs to mount the hard disk on /setup2hd because /mnt is already used.
* Patch for Slackware's grub.SlackBuild adds 32bit EFI support. Eric Hameleers2016-03-181-0/+85
Not that 32bit EFI support is anywhere useful... but some people requested this.