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* Add support for a LUKS-encrypted /home in the USB Live version. Eric Hameleers2016-01-221-0/+56
* Add 2016 in the copyright line. Eric Hameleers2016-01-151-1/+1
* Fix X keyboard configuration if no custom layout was chosen at boot. Eric Hameleers2016-01-101-10/+12
* Added support for separate configuration of X keyboard layout/variant. Eric Hameleers2016-01-051-3/+30
* Make the init more robust. Eric Hameleers2015-12-241-10/+38
* Delete ALSA state file, the Live OS may be booted on different computers. Eric Hameleers2015-12-241-0/+3
* liveinit: add debug code for development (disabled by default). Eric Hameleers2015-12-161-0/+21
* Add support for alternative directorynames of 'persistence' and 'liveslak'. Eric Hameleers2015-12-021-9/+16
* Make the 'livemain' directory name configurable in Eric Hameleers2015-11-291-7/+8
* Slackware Live Edition: initial commit.Beta2 Eric Hameleers2015-11-281-0/+442