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+== Tweaks for the boot commandline ==
+=== Desktop Environment ===
+0|1|2|3|4|5|6|S|s|single => Select a runlevel to start with.
+ The default is 4 for graphical login.
+kbd=fr xkb=ch,fr => Example of custom X keyboard layout.
+livepw="somestring" => Change the password for user "live".
+locale=nl_NL kbd=nl tz=Europe/Amsterdam => Example of language,
+ keyboard and/or timezone customization.
+rootpw="somestring" => Change the password for user "root".
+=== Custom software ===
+load=nvidia => Load and configure Nvidia drivers if available
+ in the ISO.
+load=mod1[,mod2[...]] => Load one or more squashfs modules
+ from the directory: "/liveslack/optional".
+ By default none of these modules is loaded on boot.
+noload=mod1[,mod2[...]] => Prevent loading of one or more
+ squashfs modules from the directory "/liveslack/addons".
+ By default all these modules are loaded on boot.
- -+ Customization Help +-
-To boot with default values just press ENTER.
-Customizations of the Live environment:
-boot: live lang=nl_NL kbd=nl tz=Europe/Amsterdam
- "Specify language, keyboard and/or timezone"
-boot: live nop "No persistence, i.e. boot the virgin installation"
-boot: live nomodeset "Boot with kernel mode setting for graphics
- -- needed with some machines."
-boot: live load=nvidia "Load and configure binary Nvidia drivers"
-boot: live rootdelay=10
- "Add 10 second delay to allow proper USB initialization"
-boot: live swap "Activate swap partitions if found on the computer"
-To check your system memory with memtest86+, use 'memtest':
-boot: memtest
+== [F1]: Home [F3]: Media tweaks [F4]: Hardware/troubleshooting ==