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1 files changed, 16 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/ b/
index b90c8b7..90c55f3 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1345,16 +1345,30 @@ if ls ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/boot/vmlinuz-huge-* 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null; then
uncompressfs ${DEF_SL_PKGROOT}/../isolinux/initrd.img | cpio -i -d -H newc --no-absolute-filenames usr/lib/setup/* sbin/probe sbin/fixdate
mv -i usr/lib/setup/* sbin/probe sbin/fixdate .
rm -r usr sbin
+ rm -f setup
cd - 1>/dev/null
# Fix some occurrences of '/mnt' that should not be used in the Live ISO:
- sed -i -e 's, /mnt, ${T_PX},g' -e 's,=/mnt/,=${T_PX}/,g' -e 's,T_PX=/mnt,T_PX=/setup2hd,g' ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/*
+ sed -i -e 's, /mnt, ${T_PX},g' -e 's,=/mnt$,=${T_PX},g' -e 's,=/mnt/,=${T_PX}/,g' -e 's,T_PX=/mnt,T_PX="`cat $TMP/SeTT_PX`",g' ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/*
+ # If T_PX is used in a script, it should be defined first:
+ for FILE in ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/* ; do
+ if grep -q T_PX $FILE ; then
+ if ! grep -q "^T_PX=" $FILE ; then
+ if ! grep -q "^TMP=" $FILE ; then
+ sed -e '/#!/a T_PX="`cat $TMP/SeTT_PX`"' -i $FILE
+ sed -e '/#!/a TMP=/var/log/setup/tmp' -i $FILE
+ else
+ sed -e '/^TMP=/a T_PX="`cat $TMP/SeTT_PX`"' -i $FILE
+ fi
+ fi
+ fi
+ done
if [ -f ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/sbin/liloconfig ]; then
patch ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/sbin/liloconfig ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/patches/liloconfig.patch
if [ -f ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/sbin/eliloconfig ]; then
patch ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/sbin/eliloconfig ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/patches/eliloconfig.patch
- # Fix some occurrences of '/usr/lib/setup/' are covered by $PATH:
+ # Fix some occurrences of '/usr/lib/setup/' that are covered by $PATH:
sed -i -e 's,/usr/lib/setup/,,g' -e 's,:/usr/lib/setup,:/usr/share/${LIVEMAIN},g' ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/*
# Add the Slackware Live HD installer:
mkdir -p ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/local/sbin