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Remove KDE4BASE and add DAW as a Live Variant.
Nobody used the 1 GB ISO with a stripped KDE4 anyway, so I removed it. DAW is a 'Work In Progress': I want a Ditigal Audio Workstation as a Live Slackware OS with Plasma5. I want to learn if Plasma5 is lean and fast enough for realtime audio processing. Probably it also needs PAM, which will enter the main distro soon.
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+# If 'SL_REPO_URL' is a rsync:// URL and 'SL_REPO' points to a non-existent
+# or empty directory, then the content of 'SL_REPO_URL' will be rsync-ed
+# to the local directory 'SL_REPO'.
+# Package root directory:
+# Patches root directory: