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BIOS (syslinux) and UEFI (grub2) boot: enhance the experience.
- generate the grub fonts (.pf2) ourselves instead of using the Slackware-provided grub font file. - expand the help text about the boot parameters. - show the liveslak version number in the boot menu. - remove the 'boot any OS' menu item in Grub because it never worked for me. - add a bit of Grub help text at the bottom of the screen. NOTES: - I do not like the way how I had to implement the Grub2 help menu, it is ugly. Perhaps the text artefacts and understrikes are caused by the fact that the grub console has to paint on top of the graphical boot menu? - In any case, the grub console (the black rectangle in the middle) has its coordinates hard-coded in the grub2 source so it is not configurable. - the grub fonts look better than in Beta3 but I am still not happy with them. Research on Grub boot menu enhancements done by Didier Spaier.
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@@ -2,11 +2,13 @@ prompt 0
timeout 300
ui vesamenu.c32
default live
-f2 f2.txt
menu background swlogov.png
-menu title Slackware@DIRSUFFIX@-@SL_VERSION@ Live
+menu title Slackware@DIRSUFFIX@-@SL_VERSION@ Live @VERSION@
menu clear
+f2 f2.txt #00000000
+f3 f3.txt #00000000
+f4 f4.txt #00000000
menu hshift 1
menu vshift 9