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Add support for a LUKS-encrypted /home in the USB Live version.
Using script's new '-c' parameter, you can define the size for a container file in the root of the USB stick's Linux partition. - The container file will be loop-mounted and LUKS-encrypted and the Live OS will mount the filesystem inside the container on /home/. - The LUKS passphrase will be defined when executing the '' script. - The original /home content of the ISO will be copied into the LUKS-encrypted container during execution of the '' script. - If for whatever reason you do not want to unlock & mount the LUKS container during boot, you must add the boot parameter " luksvol= " to the syslinux or grub commandline.
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diff --git a/ b/
index c83623d..0f7a577 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
# - uses overlayfs to bind multiple squashfs modules together
# - you can add your own modules into ./addons/ or ./optional subdirectories.
# - persistence is enabled when writing the ISO to USB stick using
+# - LUKS encrypted homedirectory is optional on USB stick using
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@@ -155,8 +156,9 @@ SEQ_MSB="tagfile:a,ap,d,e,f,k,l,n,t,tcl,x,xap,xfce,y pkglist:slackextra,mate loc
# - each will become a squashfs module:
SEQ_CIN="tagfile:a,ap,d,e,f,k,l,n,t,tcl,x,xap,xfce,y pkglist:slackextra,cinnamon local:slackpkg+"
-# List of kernel modules required for a live medium to boot properly:
+# List of kernel modules required for a live medium to boot properly;
+# Lots of HID modules added to support keyboard input for LUKS password entry:
# What compression to use for the squashfs modules?
# Default is xz, alternatives are gzip, lzma, lzo:
@@ -1330,13 +1332,14 @@ KVER=$(ls --indicator-style=none ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/lib/modules/ |head -1)
# Create an initrd for the generic kernel, using a modified init script:
echo "-- Creating initrd for kernel-generic $KVER ..."
-chroot ${LIVE_ROOTDIR} /sbin/mkinitrd -c -w ${WAIT} -l us -o /boot/initrd_${KVER}.gz -k ${KVER} -m ${KMODS} 1>${DBGOUT} 2>${DBGOUT}
+chroot ${LIVE_ROOTDIR} /sbin/mkinitrd -c -w ${WAIT} -l us -o /boot/initrd_${KVER}.gz -k ${KVER} -m ${KMODS} -L -C dummy 1>${DBGOUT} 2>${DBGOUT}
cat $LIVE_TOOLDIR/liveinit | sed \
> ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/boot/initrd-tree/init
+cat /dev/null > ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/boot/initrd-tree/luksdev
chroot ${LIVE_ROOTDIR} /sbin/mkinitrd 1>/dev/null 2>${DBGOUT}
rm -rf ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/boot/initrd-tree