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Slackware Live Edition: version 0.5.0 (aka Beta5)0.5.0
Milestones reached: - Option to use a loop-mounted file for storing persistence data. When using '' to copy the ISO content to a USB stick, use the new '-P' parameter to create and use a container file 'persistence.img'. Note that the existence of a directory 'persistence' in the root of the Linux partition of your USB stick still takes precedence over the file 'persistence.img'. So be sure to remove that directory first, if you want to start using a loop-mounted file for persistence. - New 'toram' boot option (add the word to the syslinux or grub boot commandline) allows you to run the Live OS completely in RAM. If you are booting from a CDROM, it will be ejected at the end of the boot process. A USB stick can be removed manually after booting Slackware Live Edition. Further interesting updates: - A new boot parameter 'blacklist' allows you to blacklist certain kernel modules while booting. Some people need to blacklist the 'nouveau' module for instance. Example: add "blacklist=nouveau" to the syslinux or grub boot commandline. Multiple modules can be specified, separated by commas. - The XDM login screen now has a button "console" which lets you drop to a console login if you have no need of a graphical login or don't want to start an X Session (relevant for the XFCE and MATE variants). And many other small improvements/bugfixes to the scripts as well of course.
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# Directory where our live tools are stored:
LIVE_TOOLDIR=${LIVE_TOOLDIR:-"$(cd $(dirname $0); pwd)"}