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Do not add Nvidia proprietary drivers to the Full Slackware ISO.
The customized ISOs (Slackware plus 3rd party software) can include the proprietary drivers, but the Full Slackware ISO is meant as a demo for official Slackware and therefore should not include 3rd party packages. If you respin the SLACKWARE ISO, it is of course still possible to add the binary Nvidia blob yourself by copying the graphics/*nvidia*.szx file to the 'optional' directory yourself. Nothing else is needed, it will 'just' work.
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diff --git a/ b/
index bcf8011..e317abd 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1406,10 +1406,16 @@ if [ -f ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/optional/*.sxz ]; then
cp ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/optional/*.sxz ${LIVE_MOD_OPT}/
-if [ "$LIVEDE" != "XFCE" -a -f ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/graphics/*.sxz ]; then
- # KDE/PLASMA etc will profit; add custom (proprietary) graphics drivers:
- echo "-- Adding binary GPU drivers."
- cp ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/graphics/*.sxz ${LIVE_MOD_OPT}/
+if [ "$LIVEDE" != "XFCE" -a "$LIVEDE" != "SLACKWARE" ]; then
+ # KDE/PLASMA etc will profit from accelerated graphics support;
+ # however the SLACKWARE ISO should not have any non-Slackware content.
+ # You can 'cheat' when building the SLACKWARE ISO by copying the graphics
+ # drivers into the 'optional' directory yourself.
+ if [ -f ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/graphics/*.sxz ]; then
+ # Add custom (proprietary) graphics drivers:
+ echo "-- Adding binary GPU drivers."
+ cp ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/graphics/*.sxz ${LIVE_MOD_OPT}/
+ fi
# Directory for rootcopy files (everything placed here will be copied