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liveslak-2f1e0f5ab0605725c6952d171439a48c14fa9e18.tar.xz allow custom parition sizing
Some people asked if it could be possible to reserve space on the USB stick for a custom additional 4th partition, to be used freely and which will not get touched by liveslak. So, there is a new parameter to the script now, here is the help text: -y|--layout <x,x,x,x> Specify partition layout and sizes (in MB). Default values: '$DEF_LAYOUT' for 3 partitions, the '-1' value for partition 3 meaning 'use all remaining space', and an empty 4th value means 'do not reserve free space for a custom 4th partition'. The default layout of the USB stick remains: partition 1 (1MB), partition 2 (100 MB) partition 3 (claim all free space - specified as 0 MB). The script allows for an amount of free space to be left at the end (partition 4, unused by liveslak) in case you need this: This translates to the following DEF_LAYOUT variable value: DEF_LAYOUT="1,100,-1,"
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