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liveinit: better support for german localizations.
Based on feedback, use Scroll Lock instead of AltGr as the Compose Key. Also, use 'de-latin1-nodeadkeys' instead of 'de-latin1' for console keyboard layout, 'de_DE@euro' instead of 'de_DE.utf8' as language definition and 'nodeadkeys' as the X keyboard variant.
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diff --git a/liveinit b/liveinit
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--- a/liveinit
+++ b/liveinit
@@ -502,7 +502,12 @@ EOT
# You can set just the XkbVariant by adding something like "kbd=ch xkb=,fr"
XKBLAYOUT=$(echo $XKB |cut -d, -f1)
XKBVARIANT=$(echo $XKB |cut -d, -f2)
- XKBOPTIONS="compose:ralt"
+ if [ "$XKBLAYOUT" = "de" ]; then
+ # Germans use the AltGr key, so Scroll Lock will be their Compose Key:
+ XKBOPTIONS="compose:sclk"
+ else
+ XKBOPTIONS="compose:ralt"
+ fi
# Ensure that XKBLAYOUT gets a value; XKBVARIANT is allowed to be empty.
if [ -z "$XKBLAYOUT" ]; then
if [ -z "$KEYMAP" ]; then