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Add boot-time tweak 'nsh' to disable new sub-pixel hinting in freetype
Freetype has enabled a 'new style' of sub-pixel hinting, based on the Infinality patch but simplified for speed. Some people feel that this new type of hinting is resulting in worse font rendering than with the old auto-hinter built into Freetype. The new tweak 'nsh' effectively disables the new type of sub-pixel hinting and makes Freetype fall back to the old behaviour. Usage: add "tweaks=nsh" to the boot commandline of the Live OS.
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@@ -262,6 +262,7 @@ localhd => initialize RAID/LVM on local hard drives.
tweaks=tweak1[,tweak2,[,...]] => Implemented tweaks:
nga - no glamor 2D acceleration, avoids error "EGL_MESA_drm_image required".
+ nsh - no 'new style' sub-pixel hinting in freetype.
tpb - enable TrackPoint scrolling while holding down middle mouse button.
syn - start the syndaemon for better support of Synaptics touchpads.
ssh - start the SSH server (disabled by default)