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liveslak-3f7f245754f2101ef2056f68863a9591026663a9.tar.xz add "-X" switch to generate the ISO with xorriso.
For some people, an ISO generated with xorriso instead of using mkisofs/isohybrid is more compatible with other tools or hardware. You need to install xorriso separately, it is not included with Slackware.
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@@ -516,6 +516,7 @@ The script's parameters are:
-H hostname Hostname of the Live OS (default: darkstar).
-O outfile Custom filename for the ISO.
-R runlevel Runlevel to boot into (default: 4).
+ -X Use xorriso instead of mkisofs/isohybrid.
The script uses package repositories to create a Live ISO. The packages will be installed into a temporary directory.