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Update syslinux & grub help files with latest boot parameter info.
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@@ -29,6 +29,23 @@ noload=mod1[,mod2[...]] => Prevent loading of one or more
squashfs modules from the directory "/liveslak/addons".
By default all these modules are loaded on boot.
+=== Network boot ===
+dhcpwait=<numseconds> => Maximum wait time for the DHCP client to
+ configure a network interface (default: 20 seconds).
+ => defines the IP address
+ of the NFS server, and the path to the extracted content
+ of Slackware Live Edition.
+ => network device customization, usually this parameter is
+ not needed when your network runs a DHCP server.
+ Specify a driver if UDEV does not detect the device. Specify the
+ interface if Slackware Live can not figure it out. If you specify
+ 'static' you need to also specify ipaddr and netmask. The gateway
+ is optional but needed to access the internet for instance.
=== Hardware related ===
localhd => initialize RAID/LVM on local hard drives.