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README.txt: document the new options in liveslak.
* added '-r' parameter to refresh an existing USB Live stick with data from a new Live ISO. * boot: added 'nop=wipe' parameter which will cause all persistent data (in the persistence directory or a persistent data container) to be erased. This allows you to repair a case of corrupted persistent data which can occur after you modified files that are part of a squashfs module. Note that this boot option will leave an encrypted /home un-touched!
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@@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ This script, called '', accepts the following parameters: <code>
-i|--infile <filename> Full path to the ISO image file.
-o|--outdev <filename> The device name of your USB drive.
-p|--persistence <name> Custom name of the 'persistence' directory/file.
+ -r|--refresh Refresh the USB stick with the ISO content.
+ No formatting, do not touch user content.
-u|--unattended Do not ask any questions.
-v|--verbose Show verbose messages.
-w|--wait<number> Add <number> seconds wait time to initialize USB.
@@ -256,6 +258,9 @@ nop => No persistence, i.e. boot the virgin installation in
If you want to ignore any persistent data during boot,
including LUKS data, specify "nop luksvol=" .
+nop=wipe => Wipe all data from persistence directory or container.
+ Useful in cases where your persistent data got corrupted.
persistence=name => Use this if you are using a different
directory/file than "persistence" for storing persistent data.