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 # Liveslak installation routine:
 if [ "$MAINSELECT" = "INSTALL" ]; then
  if [ ! -r $TMP/SeTnative ]; then
   dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
    --title "CANNOT INSTALL SOFTWARE YET" --msgbox "\
Before you can install software, complete the following tasks:\n\
1. Set up your target Linux partition(s).\n\
You may also optionally remap your keyboard and set up your\n\
swap partition(s). \n\
Press ENTER to return to the main menu." 16 68

  # --------------------------------------------- #
  #   Slackware Live Edition - install to disk:   #
  # --------------------------------------------- #

  # Buy us some time while we are calculating disk usage:
  dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
   --title "WELCOME TO @UDISTRO@ LIVE (@LIVEDE@)" --infobox \
   "\nCalculating disk usage, please be patient ..." 5 65

  ACT_MODS=$(ls -rt --indicator-style=none /mnt/live/modules/ |wc -l)
  TOT_MODS=$(find /mnt/livemedia/@LIVEMAIN@/ -type f -name "*.sxz" |wc -l)
  DU_LIVE=$(du -s /mnt/live/modules/ 2>/dev/null |tr -s '\t' ' ' |cut -f1 -d' ')
  PARTFREE=$(df -P -BM $T_PX |tail -1 |tr -s '\t' ' ' |cut -d' ' -f4)

  # Warn when it looks we have insufficient room:
  if [ $PARTFREE -lt $(($DU_LIVE/1024)) ]; then
    dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
     --title "WELCOME TO @UDISTRO@ LIVE (@LIVEDE@)" --yesno \
     "\nAvailable space: $PARTFREE MB\nRequired space: $(($DU_LIVE/1024))\nIt looks like your hard drive partition is too small.\nDo you want to continue?" 10 65
    if [ $retval = 1 ]; then
      umount $T_PX
      exit 1
    dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
     --title "WELCOME TO @UDISTRO@ LIVE (@LIVEDE@)" --msgbox \
     "\nAvailable space: $PARTFREE MB\nRequired space: $(($DU_LIVE/1024)) MB\nIt looks like you're good to go!" 10 65

    # Install the Live OS by rsyncing the readonly overlay to the harddisk:
    rsync -HAXav --whole-file --checksum-choice=none --inplace --progress --no-inc-recursive \
      /mnt/@LIVEMAIN@fs/ $T_PX/ \
      | awk '{ if (index($0, "to-chk=") > 0) { split($0, pieces, "to-chk="); split(pieces[2], term, ")"); split(term[1], division, "/"); print (1-(division[1]/division[2]))*100 };  fflush(); }' \
      | sed --unbuffered 's/^\([0-9]*\).*/\1/'
  ) | dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
       --title "INSTALLING @UDISTRO@ LIVE (@LIVEDE@) TO DISK" --gauge \
       "\nProcessing ${TOT_MODS} @CDISTRO@ Live modules ($(( $DU_LIVE/1024 )) MB)" 8 65

  # Live OS Post Install routine. If you want, you can override this routine
  # by (re-)defining this function "live_post_install()" in a file called
  # "/usr/share/@LIVEMAIN@/setup2hd.@DISTRO@".

  live_post_install () {
    # Re-use some of the custom configuration from 0099-@DISTRO@_zzzconf-*.sxz
    # (some of these may not be present but the command will not fail):
    dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
     --title "POST-INSTALL @UDISTRO@ LIVE (@LIVEDE@) DATA" --infobox \
     "\nCopying Live modifications to hard disk ..." 5 65
    sleep 1 # It's too fast...
    # Do not overwrite a custom keymap:
    if [ ! -f $T_PX/etc/rc.d/rc.keymap ]; then
      unsquashfs -f -dest $T_PX \
        /mnt/livemedia/@LIVEMAIN@/system/0099*zzzconf*.sxz \
    unsquashfs -f -dest $T_PX \
      /mnt/livemedia/@LIVEMAIN@/system/0099*zzzconf*.sxz \
      /etc/X11/xdm/liveslak-xdm \
      /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-keyboard.conf \
      /etc/inittab \
      /etc/skel \
      /etc/profile.d/ \
      /etc/rc.d/rc.font \
      /etc/rc.d/rc.gpm \
      /etc/slackpkg \
    # Point xdm to the custom /etc/X11/xdm/liveslak-xdm/xdm-config:
    sed -i ${T_PX}/etc/rc.d/rc.4 -e 's,bin/xdm -nodaemon,& -config /etc/X11/xdm/liveslak-xdm/xdm-config,'
    # Remove the marker file from the filesystem root:
    rm -f ${T_PX}/@MARKER@

    # ---------------------
    # Set up a user account,
    dialog --title "@UDISTRO@ (@LIVEDE@) USER CREATION" \
     --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
     --msgbox "You will first get the chance to create your user account, \
and set its password.\nYour account will be added to sudoers and suauth.\n\n\
Next you will be asked to set root's password." 9 55
    # This will set UFULLNAME, UACCOUNT and USHELL variables:
    SeTuacct 2>&1 1> $TMP/tempresult
    if [ $? = 0 ]; then
      # User filled out the form, so let's get the results for
      source $TMP/tempresult
      rm -f $TMP/tempresult
      # Set a password for the new account:
      UPASS=$(SeTupass $UACCOUNT)
      # Create the account and set the password:
      chroot ${T_PX} /usr/sbin/useradd -c "$UFULLNAME" -g users -G wheel,audio,cdrom,floppy,plugdev,video,power,netdev,lp,scanner,kmem,dialout,games,disk,input -u 1000 -d /home/${UACCOUNT} -m -s ${USHELL} ${UACCOUNT}
      echo "${UACCOUNT}:${UPASS}" | chroot ${T_PX} /usr/sbin/chpasswd
      unset UPASS

      # Configure suauth:
      cat <<EOT >${T_PX}/etc/suauth
      chmod 600 ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/etc/suauth

      # Configure sudoers:
      chmod 640 ${T_PX}/etc/sudoers
      sed -i ${T_PX}/etc/sudoers -e 's/# *\(%wheel\sALL=(ALL)\sALL\)/\1/'
      chmod 440 ${T_PX}/etc/sudoers
    fi # End user creation
    # ---------------------------

    if [ "$(cat $T_PX/etc/shadow | grep 'root:' | cut -f 2 -d :)" = "" ]; then
      # There is no root password yet:
      UPASS=$(SeTupass root)
      echo "root:${UPASS}" | chroot ${T_PX} /usr/sbin/chpasswd
      unset UPASS

    cat << EOF > $TMP/tempmsg

 @CDISTRO@ Live Edition (@LIVEDE@) has been installed to your hard drive!
 We installed the ${ACT_MODS} active modules (out of ${TOT_MODS} available).
 The following configuration was copied from the Live OS to your harddisk:
  - console font
  - default runlevel
  - keyboard layout
  - language setting
 After finishing system configuration and before rebooting, you can add any further Live modules from /@LIVEMAIN@/addons/ and /@LIVEMAIN@/optional/ to your hard drive, using a command similar to this:
    # unsquashfs -f -dest $T_PX /mnt/livemedia/@LIVEMAIN@/addons/mymodule.sxz

    dialog --backtitle "@CDISTRO@ Linux Setup (Live Edition)" \
      --title "POST INSTALL HINTS AND TIPS" --msgbox "`cat $TMP/tempmsg`" \
      20 65
    rm $TMP/tempmsg

  } # END live_post_install() function

  if [ -f /usr/share/@LIVEMAIN@/setup2hd.@DISTRO@ ]; then
    # If the setup2hd post-configuration file exists, source it.
    # The file should re-define the live_post_install() function.
    . /usr/share/@LIVEMAIN@/setup2hd.@DISTRO@

  # Now, execute the function - either our own built-in version
  # or the re-defined function from the custom setup2hd.@DISTRO@ file.

  # --------------------------------------------- #
  # Slackware Live Edition - end install to disk: #
  # --------------------------------------------- #

 # End liveslak installation routine.