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2019-10-19Deps: rebuilt qt5, qt5-webkit and upgraded sip Eric Hameleers6-8/+153
The qt5 and qt5-webkit packages needed to be rebuilt against the new icu4c. The sip package was upgraded to the version which is also used in Slackware.
2019-10-13Update the deps - cracklib, phonon and phonon-vlc Eric Hameleers7-107/+101
2019-10-13Remove telepathy dependencies and stop building KDE Telepathy Eric Hameleers71-2981/+0
2019-09-15Deps: add phonon support for kdelibs and Qt4 based applications Eric Hameleers9-7/+316
Used the last versions of phonon and phonon-gstreamer that still had Qt4 support and renamed the packages to 'phonon-qt4' and 'phonon-qt4-gstreamer' so as not to make them clash with the Qt5 based phonon packages. Note that at leasr one backend is required to produce sound at all, so I chose the gstreamer based backend because gstreamer is part of Slackware and VLC is not.
2019-09-14Deps: updated for the upcoming release Eric Hameleers22-160/+165
The qt5 and qt5-speech packages have been updated to 5.13.1, PyQt5 was updated to 5.13.0. There's a new official polkit-qt5-1 version too: 0.113.0. The cryfs package was updated to 0.10.2. Tthe phonon layer is now Qt5-only: phonon 4.11.0, phonon-gstreamer 4.10.0, phonon-vlc 0.11.0.
2019-09-14Deps/telepathy: updates Eric Hameleers5-43/+75
New versions of libsignon-glib and telepathy-accounts-signon.
2019-08-06Packages rebuilt/upgraded due to newer ffmpeg/libevent in -current Eric Hameleers17-55/+71
Deps: - rebuilt qt5 (for the new libevent). - rebuilt OpenAL and mlt (for the new ffmpeg). - upgraded opencv, qrencode, qtav, sip and QScintilla. - removed PyQT (since this now properly landed in -current) Frameworks: - rebuilt prison (for the new qrencode) and kfilemetadata5 (new ffmpeg). Plasma: - rebuilt ksysguard (for the new libevent). Applications: - rebuilt ffmpegthumbs and k3b (for the new ffmpeg). Applications-extra: - upgraded digikam and krita.
2019-07-11Deps: tell xorg-server to use /dev/shm as shared-memory directory Eric Hameleers1-0/+1
2019-07-11Deps: polishing some of the slack-desc files Eric Hameleers3-4/+4
2019-07-11Deps: updates to opencv, frei0r-plugins and mlt Eric Hameleers7-21/+72
2019-07-11Deps: qt5 update requires rebuilds/updates of other packages Eric Hameleers9-9/+26
2019-07-11Deps: update qt5-webkit Eric Hameleers3-17/+7
2019-07-11Deps: adding brotli and woff2 as new requirements for qt5-webkit Eric Hameleers9-0/+314
2019-07-11Deps: qt5 updated to 5.13.0 Eric Hameleers6-19/+173
2019-06-14Deps: fix the pkgconfig files in qt5-webkit package Eric Hameleers1-1/+11
2019-06-13Deps: add quazip as new dependency for krita Eric Hameleers5-0/+140
2019-05-10deps/rttr: fix the libdir Eric Hameleers1-2/+2
2019-05-09cryfs: added the missing dynamic libraries Eric Hameleers1-2/+7
2019-05-09Deps: add 'rttr' to the build scripts Eric Hameleers2-0/+2
2019-05-09Deps: update mlt (kdenlive needs that) and wayland Eric Hameleers4-8/+11
2019-05-09Deps: Update cryfs and its dependency cryptopp Eric Hameleers5-35/+20
2019-05-09Deps: update qt5 and also update/rebuild the 'deps' programs using it Eric Hameleers17-42/+60
2019-05-09Deps: rttr is a new dependency for kdenlive Eric Hameleers3-0/+147
2019-02-24Removed pyxdg from deps because Pat added this package to slackware-current Eric Hameleers3-117/+0
2019-02-21Don't ship .la files Eric Hameleers1-0/+3
2019-02-21PyQt: refreshed slack-desc, thanks to PV Eric Hameleers1-3/+3
2019-02-21pyxdg and speech-dispatcher also needed a recompile Eric Hameleers2-2/+2
Due to the python3 update in slackware-current.
2019-02-21Updated deps for the new python3-3.7.2 in slackware-current Eric Hameleers2-3/+3
2019-02-21Make PyQt4 and QScintilla compile again Eric Hameleers5-56/+146
2019-02-14libsass and sassc are new dependencies for breeze-gtk Eric Hameleers7-0/+277
Improve the integration of GTK applications and Firefox into Plasma5 Desktop.
2019-02-14Add text-to-speech support to Slackware Eric Hameleers26-0/+1005
Compile order: pcaudiolib, espeak-ng, pyxdg, dotconf, flite, speech-dispatcher, qt5-speech These are the stock configurations, no additional voices were added. I'd like to hear about anything that's missing or incorrectly configured.
2019-02-14Add some dependency information to facilitate future updates Eric Hameleers3-0/+8
2019-02-14Updated deps for the next ktown release Eric Hameleers17-93/+248
libxkbcommon: updated to 0.8.3 qt5: updated to 5.12.1 qt5-webkit: recompiled against the new qt5 sip: updated to 4.19.14 PyQt: updated to 4.12.3 (only managed to compile on 64bit) PyQt5: updated to 5.12 QScintilla: updated to 2.11 (dropped the Qt4 support which would not compile)
2019-01-16Update the deps Eric Hameleers30-26/+916
New: SDL_sound, drumstick, perl-path-tiny, perl-template-toolkit, python3-random2, freecell-solver Updated: OpenAL, phonon, phonon-vlc Rebuilt: phonon-gstreamer
2019-01-16Remove json-glib from deps, since this is now part of Slackware Eric Hameleers3-156/+0
2018-12-11Recompile qca-qt5 to quell random crashes in kdeconnect and telepathy Eric Hameleers2-3/+2042
2018-12-09Add python-enum34 and hyphen to the deps build scripts Eric Hameleers2-0/+4
python-enum34 is a dependenvy for PyQt5. hyphen is a dependency for qt5-webkit.
2018-12-09Update qt5 and libdbusmenu-gtk, rebuild qt5-webkit Eric Hameleers6-44/+84
I decided to stick with Qt 5.11.3 and wait with updating to 5.12.0 until after Applications 18.12.0.
2018-12-09Rebuild all deps/telepathy packages Eric Hameleers20-84/+136
2018-10-24Fixed missing PyQt4 support in sip. Recompiled QScintilla against sip. Eric Hameleers2-24/+46
This also makes the HPLIP systray applet work again.
2018-10-24Updates to the dependencies for upcoming Plasma5 release Eric Hameleers15-157/+149
The update of icu4c in -current required that several packages had to be recompiled or upgraded to get them to work again. Unfortunately the update of icu4c in -current co-incided with my release of KDE 5_18.10 and these deps had to be fixed post-release. Some issues emerged as a result of these updates: - SIP now stores private copies of in PyQt5 subdirectories, and the hp-systray in the hplip package fails to start as a result - In the new QScintilla packages, I was unable to compile the Python2 bindings for PyQt4.
2018-10-24Two new dependencies, python-enum34 and hyphen Eric Hameleers6-0/+257
- python-enum34 is now required by PyQt5 - hyphen is required by qt5-webkit which had to be updated from the ancient 5.9.1 release to an actively maintained port because 5.9.1 is no longer compatible with QT 5.10 and later.
2018-09-22Updated and rebuilt some of the deps Eric Hameleers10-19/+72
OpenAL: updated cryfs: rebuilt against the new cryptopp cryptopp: updated libxkbcommon: updated qt5: updated
2018-09-22deps/lmdb removed because it was added to Slackwre Eric Hameleers3-147/+0
2018-09-08Package updates as a result of poppler bump to 0.68.0 Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2018-08-17Cryfs also needs a rebuild against the new boost in -current Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2018-08-12noto-cjk-font-ttf: add a fontconfig file Eric Hameleers2-3/+153
2018-08-12mlt version bump because kdenlive needs this Eric Hameleers2-2/+2
2018-08-10Update the deps for KDE 5_18.07 Eric Hameleers9-25/+668
Most prominent is the upgrade of Qt to 5.11.1
2018-06-23Package rebuilds due to poppler upgrade in slackware-current Eric Hameleers4-45/+14
deps:poppler frameworks:kfilemetadata5 kdepim:kdepim-addons applications:okular applications-extra:calligra,krita