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* Deps: rebuilt qt5, qt5-webkit and upgraded sip Eric Hameleers2019-10-191-0/+89
* Deps: updated for the upcoming release Eric Hameleers2019-09-142-0/+48
* Deps: qt5 updated to 5.13.0 Eric Hameleers2019-07-113-0/+155
* Deps: update qt5 and also update/rebuild the 'deps' programs using it Eric Hameleers2019-05-091-0/+14
* Updated deps for the next ktown release Eric Hameleers2019-02-142-0/+109
* Updated and rebuilt some of the deps Eric Hameleers2018-09-221-0/+26
* Update the deps for KDE 5_18.07 Eric Hameleers2018-08-101-0/+53
* deps/qt5: Extend the MariaDB define check to cover the later versions too Eric Hameleers2018-02-241-0/+43
* Update the deps for the next release Eric Hameleers2018-02-101-0/+172
* Updated deps for upcoming KDE 5_17.06 Eric Hameleers2017-06-253-4/+136
* deps: support the new and changed requirements for KDE 5_17.01 Eric Hameleers2017-01-272-0/+121
* Updated deps for KDE 5_16.12 Eric Hameleers2016-12-081-0/+185
* deps: updated for KDE 5_16.08 Eric Hameleers2016-11-013-0/+181
* deps: updated for KDE 5_16.06 Eric Hameleers2016-06-151-0/+116
* Refresh the 'deps' for upcoming KDE 5_16.04. Eric Hameleers2016-04-206-97/+498
* qt5: patched QTBUG-48321 which affects the new VLC 2.2.2 fullscreen mode. Eric Hameleers2016-02-101-0/+24
* deps/qt5: apply a patch to build the ALSA plugin successfully. Eric Hameleers2016-02-051-0/+104
* Prepare for new KDE 5: Frameworks 5.6.0, Plasma 5.1.2, Applications 14.12.0. Eric Hameleers2015-01-095-0/+39
* KDE 5 for Slackware current (post-14.1) (16sep2014)5 Eric Hameleers2014-12-222-0/+0