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* Deps: remove qt5-speech Eric Hameleers2019-11-111-131/+0
| | | | ...because this is already all contained in the big qt5 package...
* Deps: updated for the upcoming release Eric Hameleers2019-09-141-2/+2
| | | | | | | | | The qt5 and qt5-speech packages have been updated to 5.13.1, PyQt5 was updated to 5.13.0. There's a new official polkit-qt5-1 version too: 0.113.0. The cryfs package was updated to 0.10.2. Tthe phonon layer is now Qt5-only: phonon 4.11.0, phonon-gstreamer 4.10.0, phonon-vlc 0.11.0.
* Deps: qt5 update requires rebuilds/updates of other packages Eric Hameleers2019-07-111-1/+1
* Deps: update qt5 and also update/rebuild the 'deps' programs using it Eric Hameleers2019-05-091-2/+5
* Add text-to-speech support to Slackware Eric Hameleers2019-02-141-0/+128
Compile order: pcaudiolib, espeak-ng, pyxdg, dotconf, flite, speech-dispatcher, qt5-speech These are the stock configurations, no additional voices were added. I'd like to hear about anything that's missing or incorrectly configured.