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Release of KDE 5_16.04 for Slackware.KDE-5_16.045_16.04
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-Here is KDE 5_16.03 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.20.0,
-Plasma 5.5.5 and Applications 15.12.3.
+Here is KDE 5_16.04 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.21.0,
+Plasma 5.6.3 and Applications 16.04.0.
-Upgrading from the previous 5_16.02 should be straight-forward.
-KDE-5_16.03 is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and
+Upgrading from the previous 5_16.03 should be straight-forward.
+KDE-5_16.04 is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and
it will *replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed!
What is the NEWS in this batch of updates:
-- Frameworks 5.20.0 is an enhancement release without new frameworks.
- See
-- Plasma 5.5.5 is the last release of the 5.5 series; since there is an
- interdependency between development of Frameworks and Plasma, two packages
- were added as 'plasma-extra' to cover for the period after release of
- Frameworks 5.20.0 and Plasma 5.6.0: kactivities-workspace and
- kactivitymanagerd. Their content will be split into Frameworks 5.21.0 and
- Plasma 5.6 so the two packages will be removed from the 'ktown' repository
- in the next round.
- See .
-- Applications 15.12.3 provides stability updates for the 15.12 release, see
+- Frameworks 5.21.0 is an enhancement release with one new framework:
+ kactivities-stats.
+ See
+- Plasma 5.6.3 is the third interation of the 5.6 series which I have not
+ shipped before. I have upgraded Qt5 to 5.6.0 to accompany this Plasma
+ release. Lots of visual improvements, the task manager is much more
+ informative about running tasks and the weather applet is back...
+- Two packages were removed that I added to 'plasma-extra' to cover for the
+ period after release of Frameworks 5.20.0 and before Plasma 5.6.0.
+ The package 'kactivities-workspace' has been absorbed in Plasma and
+ Applications packages, and 'kactivitymanagerd' is now part of Plasma itself.
+ See .
+- Applications 16.04.0 was just released. KColorChooser, KFloppy, KMahjongg
+ and KRDC have now been ported to KDE Frameworks 5, and the Kontact Suite
+ (KDEPIM) has been subject to massive bughunting (and -fixing). Lots of
+ PIM related libraries were split-off into their own source tarballs,
+ resulting in 16 new packages. For the announcement, see
+ .
+- KDE Telepathy now officially has a voice & video GUI application.
+ Previously I shipped a beta release of the "ktp-call-ui" package.
+ Also I upgraded or recompiled the complete stack of "deps/telepathy"
+ packages.
+- ktorrent (and libktorrent) have also been ported to KF5, and packages for
+ these have been added to kde/applications-extra/ .
+- Phonon, and its plugins for gstreamer and VLC backends, have been upgraded
+ offering improvements for the Qt5 build, better volume slider and muting
+ support, and use of the VLC 2.2 API. Remember, if you actually want to
+ use the VLC backend for phonon you will have to install a VLC package
+ separately (it is not included with the 'ktown' releases).
+- And finally, QT5 was updated to the latest release 5.6.0. A new package
+ was added (qt5-webkit) because the Qt5 WebKit source code has been removed
+ from Qt5 since 5.6.0 and it needs to be compiled/packaged separately now.
Further points of interest:
- kde/kde4-extragear packages should be taken from slackware-current (calligra,
k3b, kaudiocreator, kplayer, kwebkitpart, oxygen-gtk2, kdevplatform,
kdevelop-pg-qt, kdevelop, kdev-python, kdevelop-php, kdevelop-php-docs,
- skanlite, kio-mtp, libktorrent, ktorrent, partitionmanager)
+ skanlite, kio-mtp, partitionmanager)
- Lots of packages in the 'deps' department are completely new to Slackware.
Since KDE 5 is built on Qt5 (KDE 4 had Qt4 as its base) you'll
find many Qt5 related packages. Also, in order for Qt4 and GTK based
@@ -35,7 +55,8 @@ Further points of interest:
new telepathy support packages (see below), these are the new ones:
OpenAL, PyQT5, cfitsio, json-glib, libappindicator, libdbusmenu-gtk,
libdbusmenu-qt5, libindicator, lmdb, noto-font-ttf, noto-cjk-font-ttf,
- polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5, qt-gstreamer, qt5, sni-qt, wayland and libxkbcommon.
+ polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5, qt-gstreamer, qt5, qt5-webkit, sni-qt, wayland
+ and libxkbcommon.
- A completely new subset of "deps" packages, contained in their own
"telepathy" subdirectory, needed for KDE Telepathy:
libotr, libnice, farstream, libaccounts-glib, libaccounts-qt5,
@@ -57,10 +78,7 @@ If you decide to install these packages on top of a fresh installation of
during installation, you will be missing several add-on packages, some of
these are essential to the proper functioning of KDE!
If you excluded the complete Slackware-current 'KDE' series, then you
- will have to install the following essential Slackware-current packages
- at a a minimum:
- * libktorrent
- And optionally install these Slackware-current packages as well:
+ can optionally install these Slackware-current packages as well:
* amarok
* calligra
* k3b
@@ -74,11 +92,17 @@ If you decide to install these packages on top of a fresh installation of
* kdevelop-php
* kdevelop-php-docs
* kio-mtp
- * ktorrent
* oxygen-gtk2
* partitionmanager
* skanlite
+If you had installed KDE4 previously as your default desktop, the removal
+of KDE4 packages will break the symbolic link '/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc'.
+An attempt to run 'startx' in a console will fail with a black screen.
+After installing Plasma5 for the first time, you need to run 'xwmconfig'
+and select 'xinitrc.plasma' as your desktop session.
Install pre-compiled packages:
@@ -105,7 +129,12 @@ If you have Slackware-current's default KDE 4.14.3 installed:
# removepkg polkit-kde-kcmodules-1
# removepkg kdeconnect-kde
..or instead of the above, simply '# slackpkg remove kde' and de-select
- the packages you want to keep (libktorrent, calligra, skanlite etc).
+ the packages you want to keep (calligra, skanlite etc).
+If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_16.03 installed:
+- Upgrade to KDE 5_16.04
+ Remove the packages that no longer exist in KDE 5_16.04:
+ * removepkg kactivities-workspace
If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_16.02 installed:
- No further actions are needed.
@@ -286,4 +315,4 @@ Wait a long time, and you will find the new packages in /tmp/kde-build .
Note that these packages will already have been installed by KDE.SlackBuild !
- Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 14-mar-2016
+ Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 20-apr-2016