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Release of KDE 5_15.12 for Slackware.KDE-5_15.12
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-Here is KDE 5_15.11 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.16.0,
-Plasma 5.4.3 and Applications 15.08.3.
+Here is KDE 5_15.12 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.17.0,
+Plasma 5.5.1 and Applications 15.12.0.
-Upgrading from the previous 5_15.10 should be straight-forward.
-KDE-5_15.11 is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and
+Upgrading from the previous 5_15.11 should be straight-forward.
+KDE-5_15.12 is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and
it will *replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed!
What is the NEWS in this batch of updates:
-- Two rebuilt "deps" packages: qca-qt5 and libproxy.
-- Several packages in "kde/kde4" were rebuilt because of library updates
- in slackware-current.
-- Frameworks 5.16.0 is an enhancement release, new Frameworks are:
- oxygen-icons5 and breeze-icons. These new icons really make a difference!
- See
-- Plasma 5.4.3 is a bugfix release, you can read the details in
- .
-- Applications 15.08.3 is a bugfix release as well - see
- .
-- Kdepim is part of the Applications release, but the packages are placed in
- a separate subdirectory "kde/kdepim".
-- In plasma-extra you will find updates for the kdeconnect-framework, sddm-qt5
- and xembed-sni-proxy packages.
-- ConsoleKit2 has now been added to Slackware itself, replacing ConsoleKit.
- It is properly maintained by a Slackware-friendly developer and exposes the
- critical parts of the systemd-logind API (so that we can ignore systemd).
-- kdeconnect4 was removed now that Dolphin has been ported to KF5.
-Further points of interest that are unchanged since the previous releases:
+- Frameworks 5.17.0 is an enhancement release.
+ See
+- Plasma 5.5.1 is the first bugfix release of the 5.5 series.
+ See . Plasma 5.5 ditched
+ KDE's own TrueType font "oxygen-icons" in favor of Google's Noto font family.
+ Support for legacy Xembed protocol is back and my "xembed-sni-proxy" package
+ which I added a few releases earlier, is gone again from my repository
+ because its code is now part of Plasma itself.
+ Network Manager applet supports WPA Enterprise now.
+ A Breeze theme engine for GTK2+ applications was added.
+- Applications 15.12.0 is a step further in maturing the KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5)
+ ports of the KDE application collection.
+ Highlight is the retirement of good old KSnapshot and the introduction of
+ a brand new screenshot tool, Spectacle.
+ Apart from KSnapshot, other packages have been removed as well: Amor, KTux
+ (both unmaintained), and SuperKaramba (Plasma offers similar functionality).
+ Several artwork collections are no longer shipped: kde-base-artwork,
+ kde-wallpapers and kdeartwork. Do you need them back? Please tell me.
+Further points of interest:
- kde/kde4-extragear packages should be taken from slackware-current (calligra,
k3b, kaudiocreator, kplayer, kwebkitpart, oxygen-gtk2, kdevplatform,
kdevelop-pg-qt, kdevelop, kdev-python, kdevelop-php, kdevelop-php-docs,
skanlite, kio-mtp, libktorrent, ktorrent, partitionmanager)
-- Note that I did not compile KDEnlive which ships with Applications. It needs
- a lot of attention before I can build this (ffmpeg amd more is required).
-- katepart4 was added so that kdevelop works again
-- konsolepart4 was added to be able to use an embedded konsole in dolphin
-- akonadi4 and kdepimlibs4 were added to support KDE 4 applications that call
- PIM functionality.
-- sddm-theme-breeze was removed, the theme is now part of plasma-workspace
-- Lots of packages in the 'deps' department which are completely new to
- Slackware. Since KDE 5 is built on Qt5 (KDE 4 had Qt4 as its base) you'll
+- Lots of packages in the 'deps' department are completely new to Slackware.
+ Since KDE 5 is built on Qt5 (KDE 4 had Qt4 as its base) you'll
find many Qt5 related packages. Also, in order for Qt4 and GTK based
applications to dock into the Plasma 5 system tray, more dependencies were
needed. So, apart from updates to regular Slackware packages and the
- aforementioned new telepathy support packages, these are the new ones:
+ new telepathy support packages (see below), these are the new ones:
OpenAL, PyQT5, cfitsio, json-glib, libappindicator, libdbusmenu-gtk,
- libdbusmenu-qt5, libindicator, lmdb, polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5, qt-gstreamer,
- qt5, sni-qt, wayland and xapian-core.
-- Note for users of multilib Slackware64 and also using Skype: you will have to
- grab the 32-bit version of sni-qt and run 'convertpkg-compat32' on it,
- or else Skype won't be able to dock its icon in the systray.
-- A bit sneakily, I built phonon-vlc for you. You will also need a VLC package
- to be able to use this package though.
-- Several source tarballs in Plasma 5.4.x have not been compiled to Slackware
- packages: libbluedevil and bluedevil (they need BlueZ 5 which is not part of
- Slackware), muon (a debian/ubuntu package manager), libkface (needs opencv
- which I was not willing to add as a dependency), user-manager and kwallet-pam
- (need PAM), plasma-pa (needs pulseaudio).
-- One dependency which you'll probably find curious, is wayland. It is required
- in order to *compile* KWin's X11 driver, but for using KWin inside a
- X session it is not needed at *runtime*.
+ libdbusmenu-qt5, libindicator, lmdb, noto-font-ttf, noto-cjk-font-ttf,
+ polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5, qt-gstreamer, qt5, sni-qt, wayland and libxkbcommon.
- A completely new subset of "deps" packages, contained in their own
- "telepathy" subdirectory, is paving the way for KDE Telepathy:
+ "telepathy" subdirectory, needed for KDE Telepathy:
libotr, libnice, farstream, libaccounts-glib, libaccounts-qt5,
signon, signon-plugin-oauth2, signon-ui, libsignon-glib,
telepathy-glib, telepathy-farstream, telepathy-haze, telepathy-gabble,
telepathy-qt5, telepathy-logger, telepathy-logger-qt5,
telepathy-mission-control and telepathy-accounts-signon.
- Telepathy for KDE packages are found in their own subdirectory kde/telepathy .
-- Graphical login: KDM has been replaced with SDDM. Slackware-current supports
- it already. Select "Plasma" from the SDDM session dropdown.
- Alternatively, if you prefer good old runlevel 3, you can type (at your own
- user account's command prompt):
- $ xwmconfig
- ... and select "xinitrc.plasma" as your default window manager for X.
- Then run:
- $ startx
Also explained in more detail below, upgrading to this KDE 5 is non-trivial.
@@ -168,6 +140,17 @@ If you have Slackware-current's default KDE 4.14.3 installed:
# removepkg kdeconnect-kde
...or instead of the above, simply '# slackpkg remove kde'.
+If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_15.11 installed:
+- Upgrade to KDE-5_15.12
+ Remove the packages that no longer exist in KDE 5_15.12:
+ * removepkg xembed-sni-proxy
+ * removepkg ktux
+ * removepkg amor
+ You may want to reconsider removing these, lots of old artwork in there:
+ * removepkg kde-base-artwork
+ * removepkg kde-wallpapers
+ * removepkg kdeartwork
If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_15.10 installed:
- Upgrade to KDE-5_15.11
Then re-install original Slackware-current package that was removed
@@ -298,4 +281,4 @@ renamed or integrated and that is the reason for the 'removepkg' lines):
Then reboot your system.
- Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 15-nov-2015
+ Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 17-dec-2015