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Release of KDE 5_15.09 for Slackware.KDE-5_15.09
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-This is KDE 5_15.07 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.12.0,
-Plasma 5.3.2 and Applications 15.04.3.
-Compared to my KDE 5_15.06 no further changes were made apart from the updates
-to Frameworks, Plasma and Applications.
-This is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and it will
-*replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed!
+Here is KDE 5_15.09 for Slackware, consisting of the KDE Frameworks 5.13.0,
+Plasma 5.4.0 and Applications 15.08.0.
+This is an intrusive update if you currently have my KDE 5_15.07 packages
+installed. Consider this to be beta-quality because there may be some usability
+issues - and read the "BUILD NOTES" below very carefully before you decide
+to upgrade. I need testers to iron out some annoying regressions.
+KDE-5_15.09 is meant only to be installed on top of Slackware -current and
+it will *replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed!
+In random order, this is what I ran into while working on this set of updates.
+* Qt5 fails to compile if an older version of Qt5 is already installed.
+* frameworks:kwallet should be built against applications:gpgmepp,
+ therefore I adapted the build order in KDE.SlackBuild slightly.
+* Several Applications packages could not be configured using cmake,
+ because of a missing line in their CMakeFiles.txt. These files needed a line
+ "cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.9)". Instead of creating 17 patches I
+ decided to modify cmake/applications and cake/applications5 instead, and
+ fixed the omission with a sed substitution.
+* kde-runtime needs the kdelibs-4 based kdepimlibs. Since KDEPIM has now been
+ ported to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) I had to add a compatibility package
+ "kdepimlibs4" containing the relevant bits of the old kdepimlibs.
+* and... kdepimlibs4 needs the old akonadi-1.13 release. Therefore a "akonadi4"
+ package was added alongside "kdepimlibs4" in the kde/kde4/ directory.
+* kdepimlibs4 will fail to compile in the presence of akonadi (kf5 edition),
+ it wants only akonadi4 to be present. I hope I fixed this.
+* Compilation errors in okteta required a patch to qca-qt5.
+* I took the opportunity to rebuild some packages with library linking issues
+ caused by recent slackware-current updates: phonon-vlc, pykde4, qtruby,
+ korundum, smokekde, perlqt, smokeqt, baloo.
+* rocs will emit an internal compiler error unless you increase the RAM to
+ well beyond 3GB (use a big swap file if needed).
+* Into the breeze package I have built Qt4 support in addition to the default
+ Qt5 support. This will allow the KDE4 based applications to blend in
+ with the Plasma 5 Breeze theme better.
+* I updated the SDDM login manager (sddm-qt5 package) with a git snapshot
+ which supposedly supports the session management of ConsoleKit2. However
+ the 'passwd' authentication backend was broken and it took a while before
+ someone came up with a patch.
+* Several "deps" packages were removed:
+ - grantlee-qt5 (nothing uses the old grantlee anymore I hope, so I just
+ replaced it with the new grantlee-5)
+ - pairs and kgamma (no longer part of KDE Applications)
+ - ConsoleKit (has been replaced by ConsoleKit2 which is a fork of the
+ no longer maintained ConsoleKit and has several fixes and enhancements)
+* A problematic package is baloo because its file content partially overlaps
+ with baloo5, and I do not know what I can do about it. Nor do I know if
+ this has any negative impact on Plasma 5 Workspace.
+* libkface requires opencv as a dependency. I almost wanted to add opencv to
+ make the process of adding digikam easier (since digikam needs both libkface
+ and opencv) but after discussing with willysr and ponce, SBo admins,
+ I decided to skip this because the new opencv-3 has to much impact on the
+ content.
+All in all I am pretty unhappy with the effort which was required to get this
+latest batch of updates to compile and work together.
+And even then, with a finished set of packages, there are a few annoying issues
+for which I have no explanation nor do I have a solution because I do not know
+whether they are caused by Plasma 5 or by the recent slackware-current updates.
+Annoyance #1:
+Logging out is delayed:
+* Try to open the Plasma Kicker startmenu and move your mouse over the
+ "Leave" tab. It will then take a minute to display the tab's content,
+ and in the meantime, the Plasma workspace is frozen. Any open application
+ windows are still responsive and you can work with them.
+* Try to use the logout/shutdown widget in the system tray if you added that.
+ Clicking the widget will also cause a one to tw minute delay before the
+ logoff dialog appears.
+* Try logging out from the commandline using this qdbus commmand in an X term:
+ $ qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout 0 0 0
+ You will notice that this command just sits there for the same one to two
+ minutes, and then it kicks into action and you'll be logged off.
+Something is amiss with the communication over dbus. Ideas anyone?
+Annoyance #2:
+Whenever the power saver kicks in and I am not paying attention, the screen
+of my Lenovo T400 laptop (Intel graphics) turns black and will not revive.
+I have to Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to my Linux console, press the backlight button until I can read again what's on screen, and then back to X using Alt-F7.
+Annoyance #3:
+In my 32-bit virtual machine I cannot even login, because there is a flood of
+re-spawning screensaver processes that prevent access. This can be caused by
+something in the virtual machine, but I did not do extensive troubleshooting.
+Having said all that, it is still an impressive release with lots of changes
+and improvements. I hope that we get the quirks solved so we can focus on
+what's good.
+Highlights of KDE-5_15.09:
+- Qt5 has been updated to 5.5.0
+- ConsoleKit (unmaintained) gets replaced by ConsoleKit2 (well-maintained fork)
+ which could open up a path to a systemd-free Slackware that is compatible to
+ a large extent with systemd requirements.
+- I added LoginKit also for that purpose. LoginKit in its present form does not
+ do much (if anything at all) but I want to have it in for those who want to
+ play test this.
+- Several of the other deps were added, updated, rebuilt or removed as well:
+ LibRaw (update for the Slackware package),
+ PyQt5 (updated),
+ qca-qt5 (patched),
+ grantlee (update for the Slackware package)
+ lmdb (new)
+ grantlee-qt5 (renamed to grantlee thereby replacing the Slackware version)
+- Removed deps (we can use the original Slackware packages now) are:
+ PyQt, sip and libepoxy
+- Frameworks 5.13.0 is an enhancement release, lots of fixes are documented on
+- Plasma 5.4.0 is a feature release, you can read all the details in
+ Important is that the krunner has a command history again, and lots of new
+ icons were added for non-Plasma5 applications, which helps to give the
+ Plasma 5 desktop a uniform look and feel;
+ Not so important for Slackware is the Wayland Tech Preview and some system
+ tool improvements using PAM (kwallet-pam) or pulseaudio (audio volume applet).
+- Applications 15.08.0 is bringing more KF5 ports: 107 applications in total.
+ Most noticeable are the KF5 ports of Dolphin (the file manager), KDEPIM (the
+ Kontact Suite as it is called now) and Ark (archive tool). I am a bit worried
+ about the Kontact development toward the KDE Frameworks 5. Lots of struggles
+ were discussed in the mailing lists and the resulting KF5 based Kontact Suite
+ is still considered BETA quality.
+ The move to KF5 exposed several older KDE4 based applications that have
+ a dependency on the KDE4 based PIM libraries.
+ Therefore I had to add a compatibility layer of packages containing that
+ KDE4 code: akonadi4 and kdepimlibs4 (similar to what I had to do earlier
+ with libkmahjongg4, libkdegames4, konsolepart4 and katepart4).
Further points of interest that are unchanged since the previous releases:
- kde/kde4-extragear packages should be taken from slackware-current (calligra,
@@ -34,18 +157,19 @@ Further points of interest that are unchanged since the previous releases:
applications to dock into the Plasma 5 system tray, more dependencies were
needed. So, apart from updates to regular Slackware packages, these are the
new ones:
- OpenAL, PyQT5, cfitsio, grantlee-qt5, json-glib, libappindicator,
- libdbusmenu-gtk, libdbusmenu-qt5, libepoxy, libfakekey, libindicator,
- polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5, qt-gstreamer, qt5, sni-qt, wayland and xapian-core.
+ OpenAL, PyQT5, cfitsio, json-glib, libappindicator, libdbusmenu-gtk,
+ libdbusmenu-qt5, libepoxy, libfakekey, libindicator, polkit-qt5-1, qca-qt5,
+ qt-gstreamer, qt5, sni-qt, wayland and xapian-core.
- Note for users of multilib Slackware64 and also using Skype: you will have to
grab the 32-bit version of sni-qt and run 'convertpkg-compat32' on it,
or else Skype won't be able to dock its icon in the systray.
- A bit sneakily, I built phonon-vlc for you. You will also need a VLC package
to be able to use this package though.
-- Several source tarballs in Plasma 5.3.2 have not been compiled to Slackware
+- Several source tarballs in Plasma 5.4.0 have not been compiled to Slackware
packages: libbluedevil and bluedevil (they need BlueZ 5 which is not part of
Slackware), muon (a debian/ubuntu package manager), libkface (needs opencv
- which I was not willing to add as a dependency).
+ which I was not willing to add as a dependency), user-manager and kwallet-pam
+ (need PAM), plasma-pa (needs pulseaudio).
- One dependency which you'll probably find curious, is wayland. It is required
in order to *compile* KWin's X11 driver, but it is apparently not needed at
*runtime*. Nevertheless, I left the package in, just in case you want or need
@@ -150,6 +274,14 @@ If you have Slackware-current's default KDE 4.14.3 installed:
# removepkg polkit-kde-kcmodules-1
# removepkg kdeconnect-kde
+If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_15.07 installed:
+- Upgrade to KDE-5_15.09 and then remove the packages
+ that no longer exist in KDE 5_15.09:
+ * removepkg ConsoleKit
+ * removepkg grantlee-qt5
+ * removepkg kgamma
+ * removepkg pairs
If you have my 'ktown' set of KDE 5_15.06 installed:
- No further actions are needed.
@@ -252,4 +384,4 @@ renamed or integrated and that is the reason for the 'removepkg' lines):
Then reboot your system.
- Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 08-jul-2015
+ Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 02-sep-2015