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* Slackware 13.0slackware-13.0 Patrick J Volkerding2018-05-311-0/+14
Wed Aug 26 10:00:38 CDT 2009 Slackware 13.0 x86_64 is released as stable! Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible -- see the RELEASE_NOTES for the credits. The ISOs are off to the replicator. This time it will be a 6 CD-ROM 32-bit set and a dual-sided 32-bit/64-bit x86/x86_64 DVD. We're taking pre-orders now at Please consider picking up a copy to help support the project. Once again, thanks to the entire Slackware community for all the help testing and fixing things and offering suggestions during this development cycle. As always, have fun and enjoy! -P.