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-is Slackware?</a></h1>
-<p>Slackware, started by Patrick Volkerding in late 1992, and initially released to the
-world on July 17, 1993, was the first Linux distribution to achieve widespread use.
-Volkerding first learned of Linux when he needed an inexpensive LISP interpreter for a
-project. One of the few distributions available at the time was SLS Linux from Soft
-Landing Systems. Volkerding used SLS Linux, fixing bugs as he found them. Eventually, he
-decided to merge all of these bugfixes into his own private distribution that he and his
-friends could use. This private distribution quickly gained popularity, so Volkerding
-decided to name it Slackware and make it publicly available. Along the way, Patrick added
-new things to Slackware; a user friendly installation program based on a menuing system,
-as well as the concept of package management, which allows users to easily add, remove,
-or upgrade software packages on their systems.</p>
-<p>There are many reasons why Slackware is Linux's oldest living distribution. It does
-not try to emulate Windows, it tries to be as Unix-like as possible. It does not try to
-cover up processes with fancy, point-and-click GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Instead,
-it puts users in control by letting them see exactly what's going on. Its development is
-not rushed to meet deadlines-each version comes out when it is ready.</p>
-<p>Slackware is for people who enjoy learning and tweaking their system to do exactly
-what they want. Slackware's stability and simplicity are why people will continue to use
-it for years to come. Slackware currently enjoys a reputation as a solid server and a
-no-nonsense workstation. You can find Slackware desktops running nearly any window
-manager or desktop environment, or none at all. Slackware servers power businesses,
-acting in every capacity that a server can be used in. Slackware users are among the most
-satisfied Linux users. Of course, we'd say that. :^)</p>
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