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+# In order to properly handle time before /usr is mounted (in
+# the event that /usr is a separate partition, which for a number
+# of reasons isn't really a great idea), the /etc/localtime file
+# should be a copy of the desired zoneinfo file and not a symlink
+# to a file in /usr/share/zoneinfo. But if we find a symlink here
+# we should defer to the admin's wishes and leave it alone.
+# Note that setting the timezone with timeconfig will wipe both
+# /etc/localtime and /etc/localtime-copied from.
+# /etc/localtime-copied-from will be a symlink to a file under
+# /usr/share/zoneinfo, and /etc/localtime will be a copy of that file.
+# In a special case, we will handle the removal of the US/Pacific-New
+# timezone. A bit of background information on this:
+# "US/Pacific-New' stands for 'Pacific Presidential Election Time',
+# which was passed by the House in April 1989 but never signed into law.
+# In presidential election years, this rule would have delayed the
+# PDT-to-PST switchover until after the election, to lessen the effect
+# of broadcast news election projections on last-minute west-coast
+# voters. "
+# In nearly all cases, a machine that uses the US/Pacific-New timezone
+# has chosen it by mistake. In 2016, having this as the system timezone
+# actually led to clock errors, and after that it was decided that the
+# timezone (only of historical interest anyway) should be removed from
+# the timezone database.
+# If we see that the machine's localtime-copied-from symlink is pointing
+# to US/Pacific-New, change it to point to US/Pacific instead.
+if [ "$(/bin/ls -l etc/localtime-copied-from | rev | cut -f 1,2 -d / | rev)" = "US/Pacific-New" ]; then
+ ( cd etc ; rm -rf localtime-copied-from )
+ ( cd etc ; ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Pacific localtime-copied-from )
+# If we have no /etc/localtime, but we do have a localtime-copied-from
+# symlink to locate what we would want there, then add a copy now:
+if [ ! -r etc/localtime -a -L etc/localtime-copied-from ]; then
+ chroot . /bin/cp etc/localtime-copied-from etc/localtime
+# Add the default timezone in /etc, if none exists:
+if [ ! -r etc/localtime -a ! -L etc/localtime-copied-from ]; then
+ ( cd etc ; rm -rf localtime localtime-copied-from )
+ ( cd etc ; ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Factory localtime-copied-from )
+# Make sure /etc/localtime is updated, unless it is a symlink (in which
+# case leave it alone):
+if [ ! -L etc/localtime ]; then
+ chroot . /bin/cp etc/localtime-copied-from etc/localtime
+# Add a link to the timeconfig script in /usr/share/zoneinfo:
+( cd usr/share/zoneinfo ; rm -rf timeconfig )
+( cd usr/share/zoneinfo ; ln -sf /usr/sbin/timeconfig timeconfig )
+### Make the rest of the symbolic links in the zoneinfo database: