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-Here's a BitTorrent package for Slackware.
-Note that we don't ship either wxGTK or wxPython, which are needed for the
-bittorrent-console script. I built and installed these, and couldn't justify
-the huge size (and assorted build problems) in order to enable an ugly little
-dialog box. But feel free to grab those sources and knock yourself out!
-I've included a simple script and mailcap entry to allow using the curses
-based downloader instead, which will work just the same as the GUI version
-but with a lot less library overhead required. For Mozilla, Netscape, and
-other browsers that read /etc/mailcap, once you've installed this package
-BitTorrent should work right out of the box. If your browser doesn't use
-/etc/mailcap, you can set it up to use /usr/bin/bittorrent-xterm as the
-helper application for the MIME type application/x-bittorrent.
-If you're a command-line user, you may also consider using bittorrent-curses
-manually. Here's how:
-1. Download the .torrent file into your download directory.
-2. At the command line, use the curses version of BitTorrent to download:
- bittorrent-curses some-big-file.torrent
-This should start the download and bring up a status screen where you can
-monitor the download (and upload) progress.
-Have fun!
-- P.