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-<h1 class="SECT1"><a id="ARCHIVE-FILES-BZIP2" name="ARCHIVE-FILES-BZIP2">15.2 <tt
-<p><tt class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt>(1) is an alternative compression program installed on
-Slackware Linux. It uses a different compression algorithm from <tt
-class="COMMAND">gzip</tt>, which results in some advantages and some disadvantages. The
-main advantage for <tt class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt> is the compressed file size. <tt
-class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt> will almost always compress better than <tt
-class="COMMAND">gzip</tt>. In some instances, this can result in dramatically smaller
-files. This can be a great advantage for people on slower modem connections. Also
-remember, when downloading software from a public ftp server, it's generally good
-netiquette to download the <tt class="FILENAME">.bz2</tt> files instead of the <tt
-class="FILENAME">.gz</tt> files, as this results in less overhead for the generous people
-hosting the server.</p>
-<p>The disadvantage to <tt class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt> is that it is more CPU intensive
-than <tt class="COMMAND">gzip</tt>. This means that bzipping a file will generally take
-longer and will use more of the CPU than gzipping the file would. When considering which
-compression program to use, you must weigh this speed vs. compressed size and determine
-which is more important.</p>
-<p>The usage of <tt class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt> is nearly identical to <tt
-class="COMMAND">gzip</tt>, so not much time will be spent discussing it. Like <tt
-class="COMMAND">gunzip</tt>, <tt class="COMMAND">bunzip2</tt> is identical to <tt
-class="COMMAND">bzip2 -d</tt>. The primary difference in practical usage is that <tt
-class="COMMAND">bzip2</tt> uses the <tt class="FILENAME">.bz2</tt> extension.</p>
-<table border="0" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" width="100%">
-<pre class="SCREEN">
-<samp class="PROMPT">%</samp> <kbd class="USERINPUT">bzip2 <var
-<samp class="PROMPT">%</samp> <kbd class="USERINPUT">bunzip2 <var
-<samp class="PROMPT">%</samp> <kbd class="USERINPUT">bzip2 -9 <var
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