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Slackware 14.0slackware-14.0
Wed Sep 26 01:10:42 UTC 2012 Slackware 14.0 x86_64 stable is released! We're perfectionists here at Slackware, so this release has been a long time a-brewing. But we think you'll agree that it was worth the wait. Slackware 14.0 combines modern components, ease of use, and flexible configuration... our "KISS" philosophy demands it. The ISOs are off to be replicated, a 6 CD-ROM 32-bit set and a dual-sided 32-bit/64-bit x86/x86_64 DVD. Please consider supporting the Slackware project by picking up a copy from We're taking pre-orders now, and offer a discount if you sign up for a subscription. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. The Slackware team, the upstream developers, and (of course) the awesome Slackware user community. Have fun! :-)
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