path: root/source/installer/sources/initrd/usr/lib/setup/SeTfull
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if [ "$TMP" = "" ]; then
if [ ! -d $TMP ]; then
  mkdir -p $TMP
# Test writing a 256K file and assume if it returns an error
# that it means the drive filled up
dd if=/dev/zero of=$TMP/SeTtestfull bs=1024 count=256 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null
rm -f $TMP/SeTtestfull
if [ ! "$FULLERR" = "0" ]; then
  dialog --title "ERROR: TARGET PARTITION FULL" --msgbox "Setup has \
detected that one or more of your target partitions has become full. \
I'm sorry, but you will have to try installing again onto a partition \
or partitions with more free space. You could also try selecting \
fewer packages to \
install. Since there is no longer any space for setup to make its \
temporary files, this is an unrecoverable error. Press control-alt-delete \
to reboot and try again. Before doing that, you might want to switch to \
another console (Alt-F2) and use df (disk free utility) to see if you \
can get an idea of how to avoid this the next time around." 14 65